Books by Kevin I. Slaughter


Anathema!: Litanies of Negation

Benjamin Decasseres


Fantasia Impromptu: & Finis

Benjamin Decasseres


Egoism: The First Two Volumes 1890-1892

Georgia Replogle and James L. Walker


Elbert Hubbard's The Philistine: A Periodical of Protest...

Benjamin Decasseres and William Wallace Denslow


Ladies In The Parlor

Jim Tully


Imp: The Poetry of Benjamin DeCasseres

Benjamin Decasseres


Der Geist Issue 3

Max Stirner, Kevin I. Slaughter, et al.


Might is Right: 1927 Facsimile Edition

Ragnar Redbeard and Arthur Desmond


The Red Sect

Enzo Martucci