Keith Landry


Keith Landry is a Canadian author whose first published book was "Allumette Island Massacre and Three Other Canadian Crime Stories." Keith wrote two short stories in the 1980's and submitted them to a magazine writing contest. He won first and second prizes. Because of a busy career in government and raising a family, he did not continue with his writing. Now 70 years old, he spends a lot of time reading old newspapers searching for true crimes that can be brought alive for today's readers through his storytelling. Keith is inspired by crime news reporters of the past who wrote so passionately and without name recognition to meet the tight print deadlines for daily newspapers published for a public thirsty for local and national news. Keith thanks his wife Vivian for her work in the proofing and editing and for her sketch on the book cover. Without her assistance, this book would not be possible. Keith warmly thanks his friend Stephen Duggan who read the book and helpfully identified inconsistencies. Keith thanks all those people who bought his first book. He is most grateful for their support and feedback.