Books by Katie Hickey


Katie Hickey is an illustrator whose work deals with both the narrative and informational realms, often combining the two. A graduate of Falmouth University in foggy Cornwall, England, Katie frequently takes inspiration from her travels and surroundings to create characterful and atmospheric images.


Christmas Is Coming!: An Advent Book

Chronicle Books and Katie Hickey


Lumber Jills: The Unsung Heroines of World War II

Alexandra Davis and Katie Hickey


Bess the Barn Stands Strong

Elizabeth Gilbert Bedia and Katie Hickey


John Deere Kids Plant & Grow

Jack Redwing and Katie Hickey


Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean's Biggest...

Jess Keating and Katie Hickey


John Deere Kids My First Storyteller

Jack Redwing, Katie Hickey, et al.


How Was That Built?: The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

Roma Agrawal and Katie Hickey


The Greatest Song of All: How Isaac Stern United the World to...

Megan Hoyt and Katie Hickey