Books by Kathy MacMillan


Kathy MacMillan has been a librarian, American Sign Language interpreter, children's performer, teacher, storyteller, and writer. Her previous work includes educator- and parent-resource books about promoting literacy through signing with all children. Sword and Verse and its sequel, Dagger and Coin, were inspired by her research into ancient libraries and her interest in exploring the power of language. Kathy lives near Baltimore, Maryland. To learn more about Kathy, visit


Nita's First Signs: Volume 1

Kathy MacMillan and Sara Brezzi


Sword and Verse

Kathy MacMillan


She Spoke: 14 Women Who Raised Their Voices and Changed the...

Manuela Bernardi, Kathy MacMillan, et al.


Nita's Day: Volume 2

Kathy MacMillan and Sara Brezzi


The Runaway Shirt

Kathy MacMillan and Julia Castaño