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Professor Kate Moss has carried out research for the Home Office, Government Office East Midlands, Centrex, Bramshill and numerous police forces and Local Authorities throughout England. Over the last four years at the University of Wolverhampton, with her colleague Paramjit Singh, she has secured in excess of 2.6 million Euros of research funding to support research into women who sleep rough as a result of domestic violence and also children rough sleepers. Paramjit Singh is the Director for Research at the Central Institute for the Study of Public Protection at the University of Wolverhampton. He has successfully developed and managed 7 self funding research centres in Higher Education and over last 15 years managed over 100 research projects for clients including the European Commission, UK Government, Local Authorities, Research Councils and Voluntary & Community Sectors. Regularly he attends the European Parliament in Brussels to meet with MEP's to provide evidence to inform future EU policy and practice.


Women Rough Sleepers in Europe: Homelessness and Victims of...

Kate Moss and Paramjit Singh


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Kate Moss

Kate Moss