Books by Karen Curry Parker


Karen Curry Parker is a #1 bestselling author, human design specialist, trainer, professional speaker, and creator of Quantum Human Design and the Quantum Alignment System. She has been a high-performance life and business coach for more than thirty years and has coached over 10,000 people and taught thousands more. Karen's work integrates energy psychology (EFT), subtle body therapies, traditional coaching, and quantum creativity training. Karen's books include Understanding Human Design, the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are, Inside the Body of God, 13 Strategies for Thriving in a New World, No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance, and Abundance by Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design. Her podcast, Quantum Conversations, has had over 70,000 downloads in less than a year. Karen's work has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, ABC, and various radio shows and tele-summits.