Jules Verne


Jules Verne (1828-1905) was a French novelist, poet and playwright. Verne is considered a major French and European author, as he has a wide influence on avant-garde and surrealist literary movements, and is also credited as one of the primary inspirations for the steampunk genre. However, his influence does not stop in the literary sphere. Verne's work has also provided invaluable impact on scientific fields as well. Verne is best known for his series of bestselling adventure novels, which earned him such an immense popularity that he is one of the world's most translated authors.


Cesar Cascabel

Jules Verne


The Mysterious Island (1874) by: Jules Verne, Translated By:...

Jules Verne and Agnes Kinloch Kingston


El Camino de Francia

Jules Verne


Le docteur Ox

Jules Verne


I viaggi di Marco Polo

Jules Verne


La Jangada: Huit cent lieues sur l' Amazone

Jules Verne and M. Jules Verne


Nord contre Sud

Jules Verne


Claudius Bombarnac

Jules Verne and M. Jules Verne


Clovis Dardentor

Jessika Sanchez and Jules Verne


Face Au Drapeau

Jules Verne


Onze jours de siège: Comédie en trois actes en prose

Jules Verne and Charles Wallut


La Casa de Vapor (Spanish Edition)

Jules Verne


Le chemin de France

Jules Verne


Segunda Patria

Jules Verne


All Around the Moon

Jules Verne


Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne