Joyce Yoshihara Will


I'm Joyce Will, artist and owner of ArtisticWill Designs. I'm passionate about creating beautiful art uniquely different from the rest. My purpose is to help people feel good when looking at my art, bringing them peace and joy with every illustration and design. After traveling to Japan to experience the country of my heritage. I was so inspired by its beauty, culture, and people that I had to illustrate the Essence into a coloring book. The illustrations all represent real destinations in central Japan. More volumes to come for your enjoyment. I'm a wife, mom, and artist living in Southern California. Art has always been part of my life. With a BFA in Illustration, I decided to branch out and share my talents. I love creating detailed coloring books, painting glitter art, traveling, visiting museums, and loving new experiences. I enjoy fun time with family, playing with my dog, and sharing kindness and joy with others.