Jonathan Strahan


Jonathan Strahan has co-edited The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy series of anthologies for HarperCollins Australia, co-edits the Science Fiction: The Best of . . . and Fantasy: The Best of . . . anthology series with Karen Haber for Simon & Schuster/ibooks, edits the Best Short Novels anthology series for the Doubleday Science Fiction Book Club, and co-edited The Locus Awards for Eos with Charles N. Brown. He is also the Reviews Editor for Locus: The Magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Fields, and reviews for the magazine regularly. He is currently working on The New Space Opera II.


Eclipse 1


Eclipse 3


Wings of Fire


Eclipse 4


The Locus Awards: Thirty Years of the Best in Science Fiction...

Charles N Brown and Jonathan Strahan


The New Space Opera 2

Jonathan Strahan and Gardner Dozois


Reach for Infinity

Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, et al.


Drowned Worlds

Anders, Ford, et al.


Infinity Wars

Jonathan Strahan


Infinity's End


Mission Critical

Aliette De Bodard, Sean Williams, et al.


Made to Order: Robots and Revolution

John Chu, Tochi Onyebuchi, et al.


Basic Black

Terry Dowling


The New Space Opera

Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan


The Book of Dragons: An Anthology

Jonathan Strahan


Edge of Infinity

Stephen Baxter and Alastair Reynolds