John Wagner


John Wagner has been scripting for 2000 AD for more years than he cares to remember. His creations include Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Ace Trucking, Al's Baby, Button Man and Mean Machine. Outside of 2000 AD his credits include Star Wars, Lobo, The Punisher and the critically acclaimed A History of Violence.


Laptop Guy

Jack Lothian and Sha Nazir


Rok of the Reds

Alan Grant and John Wagner


Hondo City Law

Robbie Morrison, John Wagner, et al.


Encyclopedia of the Hundred Years War

John Wagner


The 2000 Ad Script Book, Volume 1

Pat Mills, Gordon Rennie, et al.


Dark Justice: Dominion: Dominion

John Wagner and Nick Percival


2000 Ad Digest - Judge Dredd: Ghost Town

Rob Williams, Alan Grant, et al.


Judge Dredd - Mechanismo: Machine Law

John Wagner, John McCrea, et al.


Documents of the Reformation

John Wagner


Essential Judge Dredd: America, Volume 1

John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra


Essential Judge Dredd: Origins, Volume 3

John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, et al.


Essential Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War, Volume 2

Alan Grant, John Wagner, et al.