John Skinner


While a research fellow at Oxford University, the author contributed to two nonfiction books: World Armies edited by John Keegan, then a senior lecturer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (ISBN 0-333-34079-5), and The Defense of Western Europe edited by Leo Gunn of Stanford University (ISBN 0-7099-1194-7). Between army retirement and working with the United Nations in Africa, the author's coverage of organization and logistics in the West's first International Military and Defense Encyclopedia (ISBN 0-02-881011-2) was published by Brassey's (US) Inc.


The Fictions of Anita Brookner: Illusions of Romance

John Skinner and Skye Cleary


Isaiah 40-66


The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

John Skinner


Archaeologia Cambrensis

John Skinner


The Book of Ezekiel

John Skinner


Communication: The Handbook

John Skinner, Kristin Froemling, et al.



John Skinner


The Divine Names in Genesis

John Skinner


Echoing the Silence

John Skinner


Annals of Scottish Episcopacy,

John Skinner



John Skinner


The Voice of Christ: Q and A of Christianity

John Skinner