John Mueller


John Paul Mueller is a freelance author and technical editor. He has writing in
his blood, having produced 98 books and more than 600 articles to date. The
topics range from networking to home security and from database
management to heads-down programming. Some of John's current books
include one on Python for beginners and another about MATLAB. His home
security book discusses all sorts of hardware issues, including the installation of
various sensors. John's technical editing skills have helped more than 63 authors
refine the content of their manuscripts. He has provided technical editing
services to both Data Based Advisor and Coast Compute magazines. During
his time at Cubic Corporation, John was exposed to reliability engineering
and has had an interest in probability ever since.

When John isn't working at the computer, you can find him outside in the
garden, cutting wood, or generally enjoying nature. He also likes making wine,
baking cookies, and knitting. When not occupied with anything else, John makes
glycerin soap and candles, which come in handy for gift baskets.