John Matthews


John Matthews has been a full time writer since 1980 and has produced over 100 books on myth, faery, the Arthurian Legends and Grail Studies, short stories, poetry and children's books. He has devoted much of the past forty years to the study of Arthurian Traditions and myth in general. In 2003 he was the historical advisor to the Jerry Bruckheimer movie 'King Arthur'.


Sentences and Complete Index Nominum

John Matthews and George F. Mathews


The Lost Book of the Grail: The Sevenfold Path of the Grail...

John Matthews and Caitlรญn Matthews


Arthur of Albion

John Matthews and Pavel Tatarnilov


King Arthur's Raid on the Underworld: The Oldest Grail Quest

Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, et al.


Temples of the Grail: The Search for the World's Greatest Relic

Gareth Knight and John Matthews


The Camelot Oracle: A Quest for Wisdom Through the Arthurian...

John Matthews and Will Worthington


Oracle of Dr. John Dee: Magic and Wisdom from One of the...

John Matthews and Wil Kinghan


Complete Arthurian Tarot: Includes Classic Deck with Revised...

John Matthews, Caitlรญn Matthews, et al.


Faeryland: The Secret World of the Hidden Ones

John Matthews and Matt Dangler


The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

John Matthews, Deva Jean Berg, et al.


The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine...

Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, et al.


Bath: An Adumbration in Rhyme. by an Officer.

John Matthews


The Tarot of Light and Shadow

John Matthews and Andrea Aste