John Lescault


John Lescault, a native of Massachusetts, is a graduate of the Catholic University of America. He lives in Washington, DC, where he works in theater.


I and Thou

Martin Buber


The Art of Flavor Lib/E: Practices and Principles for...

Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel


The Cotton Kingdom

Frederick Law Olmsted


Openings in the Old Trail

Bret Harte


The Rabbi's Brain: Mystics, Moderns, and the Science of...

Andrew Newberg and David Halpern


The Odyssey

Homer and N. C. Wyeth


The Iliad

Homer and Caroline Alexander


Ancient Rome: From Romulus to Justinian

Thomas R. Martin


The God Who Is There

Francis A. Schaeffer


New Hampshire

Robert Frost


Gandhi Lib/E: A Memoir

William L. Shirer


Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer

G. Moxley Sorrel