John Haldon


John Haldon is Shelby Cullom Davis '30 Professor of European History and Professor of Byzantine History and Hellenic Studies at Princeton University, New Jersey, and the overall director of the Avkat Archaeological Project. His research focuses on the social-economic, institutional and cultural history of the medieval Eastern Roman Empire in the seventh to twelfth centuries; on state systems across the Eurasian world from late ancient to early modern times; on environmental stress and societal resilience in pre-modern societies; and on the production, distribution and consumption of resources in the late ancient and medieval world. He is the author of many articles, monographs and edited volumes, including, with Leslie Brubaker, Byzantium in the Iconoclast Era, c.680-850 (Cambridge, 2011) and The Empire that Would Not Die: The Paradox of Eastern Roman Survival, 640-740 (2016).