Books by John Farndon


John Farndon is a widely published, award-winning author of books about science and nature, and an acclaimed translator of Russian and Central Asian literature. He was joint winner of the 2019 EBRD Literature Prize with his verse translation of Hamid Ismailov's The Devil's Dance, and a finalist in 2020 for the US PEN Translation award for Rollan Sesyenbaev's Dead Wander in the Desert. He is also a songwriter, poet and performer, who has performed with the legendary folk violinist Dave Swarbrick. His songs have been recorded by rising folk musician Kim Lowings and others. His poetry has been translated into Russian, Uzbek and Kazakh.



Anna Komar and Yanya Zaichanka


The Shining Light

Galymkair Mutanov


Project Body

John Farndon


Project Science

John Farndon


Stuff You Should Know about Planet Earth

John Farndon and Tim Hutchinson


Stickmen's Guide to Your Body: A Stickman Bonanza on Your...

John Farndon and Venetia Dean


The Dead Wander in the Desert

Rollan Seisenbayev


Rhymes about Boys

Ludmila Dubcovetcaia



Scholastic, Sean Callery, et al.


Colourful tears

Khosiyat Rustam


Animated Science: Periodic Table: Volume 2

John Farndon and Shiho Pate


Animated Science: Rocks and Minerals

John Farndon and Shiho Pate


Vladimir Vysotsky: Selected Works

Vladimir Vysotsky


Voices from Ukraine: Two Plays

Neda Nezhdana and Natal'ya Vorozhbit