Books by John Cullen


Born in Sligo, John Cullen was ordained in 1978 for Elphin Diocese. He served in London as an Emigrant Chaplain to the Irish community before being appointed as Diocesan Advisor for Primary School Religious Education. He volunteered to serve for a few years in Kenya with the St. Patrick's Missionary Society (Kiltegan). Pastoral appointments have been the main aspect of serving in Elphin Diocese. He edited the Diocesan Paper, 'The Angelus', for many years. He is an avid Arsenal fan as well as a great supporter of the GAA. Travelling to new places, films, art, drama, reading, writing and mountain climbing are other interests.


Empty Hearts

Juli Zeh


Managing Financial Resources

John Cullen and Michael Broadbent


The Swallows of Kabul

Yasmina Khadra


Don't Move

Margaret Mazzantini


Schrödinger's Dog

Martin Dumont



Juli Zeh


The Attack

Yasmina Khadra


The Sirens of Baghdad

Yasmina Khadra



Philippe Claudel



Stéphane Michaka


The Elimination: A Survivor of the Khmer Rouge Confronts His...

Rithy Panh and Christophe Bataille


The Exchange of Princesses

Chantal Thomas


The Meursault Investigation

Kamel Daoud


In the Distance with You

Carla Guelfenbein



Sarah Léon


The Barcelona Brothers

Carlos Zanon



Rula Jebreal



Antonio Monda


The Turncoat

Siegfried Lenz


The Postman's Fiancée

Denis Thériault