John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw (1933-2016) has been called America's leading personal growth expert. The author of five New York Times bestsellers, Bradshaw On: The Family, Healing the Shame That Binds You, Homecoming, Creating Love, and Family Secrets. He created and hosted four nationally broadcast PBS television series based on his best-selling books. John pioneered the concept of the Inner Child and brought the term dysfunctional family into the mainstream. He has touched and changed millions of lives through his books, television series, and his lectures and workshops around the country. During his career he worked as a counselor, theologian, management consultant, and public speaker, becoming one of the primary figures in the contemporary self-help movement.


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John Bradshaw


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Janae B Weinhold and Barry K Weinhold


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John Bradshaw


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John Bradshaw


Fun Campfire Stories

John Bradshaw


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