John Bishop


Dr. John Bishop has led a triple life. This orthopedic surgeon and keyboard musician has combined two of his talents into a third, as the author of the beloved Doc Brady mystery series. Beyond applying his medical expertise at a relatable and comprehensible level, Dr. Bishop, through his fictional counterpart Doc Brady, also infuses his books with his love of not only Houston and Galveston, Texas, but especially with his love for his adored wife. Bishop's talented Doc Brady is confident yet humble, brilliant yet a genuinely nice and funny guy who happens to have a knack for solving medical mysteries, and above all is the doctor who will cure you of your blues and boredom. Step into his world with the first three books of the series, and you'll be clambering for more.


Notice of Anthony Stradivari, the Celebrated Violin-Maker:...

John Bishop and François-Joseph Fétis


Hamilton's Celebrated Dictionary: comprising an explanation...

James a. Hamilton, John Bishop, et al.


Notice of Anthony Stradivari, Preceded by Historical and...

John Bishop, Francois Joseph Fetis, et al.


Circle of Eight


How to Grow Old: A Middle-Aged Man Moaning

John Bishop


Act of Murder: A Medical Thriller

John Bishop


Act of Deception: A Medical Thriller

John Bishop