Books by John Berger


John Berger is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, and critic. He is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including To the Wedding, About Looking, and G., for which he was awarded the Booker Prize. Among his best-known works is the television series and book Ways of Seeing. He has received prestigious awards for his writing, including the Petrarca-Preis and a Golden PEN Award.


Oranges for the Son of Alexander Levy

Nella Bielski


Garden on My Cheek

John Berger and Liane Birnberg


Palestinian Art: 1850-2005

Kamal Boullata


In the Face of Silence


John Berger: Understanding a Photograph

John Berger


A Love Letter from a Stray Moon

Jay Griffiths



John Berger and Anne Michaels