Books by Jeremy Tiang


Jeremy Tiang has translated more than ten books from Chinese, including novels by Chan Ho-Kei, Su Wei-chen, and Zhang Yueran, and has been awarded a PEN/Heim Grant, an NEA Literary Translation Fellowship, and a People's Literature Award Mao-Tai Cup. His short story collection It Never Rains on National Day was shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize, and his novel State of Emergency was a finalist for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize. He currently lives in Brooklyn.



Pway Ngon Yeng



Pway Ngon Yeng


Never Grow Up

Jackie Chan


Coloratura, 8

Li Er



Jinkang Wang


The Borrowed

Chan Ho-Kei


Second Sister

Chan Ho-Kei


Second Sister Lib/E

Chan Ho-Kei


Strange Beasts of China

Yan Ge



Yi-Chin Lo


The Secret Talker Lib/E

Geling Yan


The Secret Talker

Geling Yan


The Wedding Party

Liu Xinwu


The Wedding Party

Liu Xinwu


The Secret Talker

Geling Yan


Rouge Street: Three Novellas

Shuang Xuetao


The Artisans: A Vanishing Chinese Village

Shen Fuyu


Nine Color Deer

Kailin Duan