Jeff E. Newman


JEFF E. NEWMAN, a lifelong resident of Birmingham, began researching and exploring the iron ore mining history of Birmingham at age thirteen. He grew up on Red Mountain and made his first ore mine exploration in 1965. For the last fifty years, has read local history, studied maps, and done extensive fieldwork. Using his knowledge, he has located the ore mines in the Birmingham District and photographed many of them to share this important part of Birmingham's past with future generations.

JOSH BOX, an urban explorer and Birmingham native, began his journey documenting abandoned mines in 2003. His goal is to showcase the history and share the beauty of an industry that built an entire city from the underground up. With the support of his wife, April, and three children, Hayden, Kian, and Evan, he traverses these dangerous chambers to give people a glimpse of what most have never seen.


Underground Birmingham: Images from Birmingham's Iron Ore Mines

Jeff E. Newman and Josh Box