Books by James T. Hogg


James T. Hogg is the pseudonym of one of the most prominent
New York City real estate attorneys. As a real-life attorney he has pub-lished
two non-fiction books about real estate and business, one of which was a Wall
Street Journal
best seller.

Girl With a Knife is his first novel, writing as
James T. Hogg. The novel is based on a story he told many times to his
now-grown chil-dren. The goal--then and now--was to create a story that the
reader simply cannot put down, even when it is midnight and the reader has to
get up to go to work the next morning. That has always been his simple goal--to
write a page-turner, so that the reader can have a great time with an
enjoyable read.

Hogg now lives in New Jersey and has been happily married
for thirty-eight years to his soulmate wife. They are blessed to be the proud
parents of two daughters.

The author's muse calls from his summer home getaway, where
he goes to play loud music and write and write and write.

Mr. Hogg is not a boring New York City lawyer, but actually
a very interesting fellow.