Idris Goodwin


Idris Goodwin was voted most improved player at Isiah Thomas basketball camp in the summer of 1988. Since then he's become an award-winning playwright, break beat poet and essayist. He is the author of the pushcart nominated essay collection These Are The Breaks (Write Bloody Books), the e-chapbook Inauguration co-written with Nico Wilkinson (Haymarket Books), which won a literary award from Pikes Peak Arts Council. He's appeared on HBO, Discovery Channel and Sesame Street. His widely produced stage-plays include: How We Got On, This is Modern Art (co written with Kevin Coval), Blackademics and Bars and Measures. His play And In This Corner Cassius Clay received the 2017 Distinguished New Play Award from The American Association of Theater and Education. Idris is a regular contributor to NPR affiliate KRCC in Colorado Springs and assistant professor in The Department of Theater and Dance at Colorado College . Find him on social media or at


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