Heather Morris


Heather Morris is a technical writer and editor. She uses and writes about the latest technology trends, including social media sites, and is the author of easy-to-use technology guides, such as The Healthy Mac, Researching your Family History Online, Scanning and Editing your Old Photographs, and Starting Up an Online Business.

David Todd is a seasoned social networking early adopter and an avid user of Facebook, Yammer, Linked-In, Meetup, and Pinterest. He analyzes Internet content, writes textbooks for young learners of English, and stays ahead of the social networking curve.


Ready For Love Now

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Third Time's a Charm

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The Healthy Mac: Preventive Care, Practical Diagnostics, and...

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Nursery in Bloom: Book 2 of the Colvin Series

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Three Sisters

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Three Sisters

Heather Morris