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Rev. Glenn Davis has served since 2016 as the Chaplain Director of the First Responder Chaplaincy Program (FRCP) in the FaithHealth Division of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist (AHWFB). The FRCP is a one-of-a-kind innovation as a hospital-based, community-focused model of chaplaincy delivering highly proactive, on-scene care to our most valuable and vulnerable public servants and their families.Prior to moving to AHWFB and developing the FRCP, Chaplain Davis was the full-time Chaplain for the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) for over 27 years, serving as a member of the Command Staff while assisting the FCSO and other local and regional agencies and organizations. Currently, he and his team are proudly continuing to serve the FCSO as well as many other First Responders and stakeholders in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. Expectations are that the FRCP will eventually grow to serve other communities within the Atrium Health network.The FRCP provides on-call staff support and crisis intervention for law enforcement, other First Responder groups, and their family members as well as a broad range of survivors-victims-witnesses of crime and other catastrophic events. Chaplain Davis and his team routinely deploy 24/7/365 to assist law enforcement, fire, EMS and other organizations in the aftermath of critical incidents and to deliver traumatic messages while being alongside the First Responders who are also affected by these life-157altering events. The team's embedded relationships with First Responder agencies offer many opportunities to teach wellness and resiliency throughout the community and build extensive webs of trust that are invaluable when communities are under stress and responding to multiple threats involving public safety.Chaplain Davis continues to collaborate throughout the community assisting many groups with a particular focus on teaching First Responders but also clergy, congregational leaders and other care providers who seek to enhance their skill sets to better care for all our public servants and each other. Improving the crisis response readiness of faith communities, neighborhoods and workplaces is of vital importance given that all can be impacted by a broad range of traumatic events.Chaplain Davis is an ordained Baptist minister and a graduate of the College of Charleston (BS) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Residency Program at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. Glenn is married to Patti Davis with whom he has a son, daughter, and granddaughter.


Old West Chronicles

Glenn Davis


Any Man

Amber Tamblyn


The Next Notre Dame Mascot

Mark Smith, Glenn Davis, et al.


God's Eyes

Glenn Davis


The Key to Perpetual Joy

Glenn Davis


God's Eyes

Glenn Davis


Love and Danger in the Old West

Glenn Davis


The Coyotes of Carthage Lib/E

Steven Wright


The Coyotes of Carthage

Steven Wright


The Compton Cowboys Lib/E: The New Generation of Cowboys in...

Walter Thompson-Hernández


The Compton Cowboys: The New Generation of Cowboys in...

Walter Thompson-Hernández


Your House Will Pay

Steph Cha


The Universalist

Darragh D. Doherty and Glenn Davis


Embedded First Responder Chaplaincy: Caring for Our Most...

Glenn Davis and Teresa Cutts