George Szirtes


George Szirtes (b. 1948) is an award-winning poet and translator who settled in England after his family fled the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.


Shadow Behind the Sun

Remzije Sherifi


Collected Poems

Freda Downie


New & Collected Poems

George Szirtes



Ferenc Karinthy


This Line is Not For Turning

George Szirtes and Carrie Etter


Reel Ed Altre Poesie

George Szirtes


Bad Machine

George Szirtes


Niki: The Story of a Dog

Tibor Dery


The Adventures of Sindbad (Revised)

Gyula Krudy


Anna Edes: Novel

Dezso Kosztolányi


Love & Other Stories

Tibor Dery



László Krasznahorkai


The Burning of the Books and Other Poems

George Szirtes