George Reid Andrews


George Reid Andrews is Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin 1978 and has taught Latin American history at the University of Pittsburgh since 1981. His books include The Afro-Argentines of Buenos Aires, 1800-1900 (1981), Blacks and Whites in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil, 1888-1988 (1992), Afro-Latin America, 1800-2000 (2004), Blackness in the White Nation: A History of Afro-Uruguay (2010), and Afro-Latin America: Black Lives, 1600-2000 (2016).


Afro-Latin America: Black Lives, 1600-2000

George Reid Andrews


Afro-Latin America, 1800-2000

George Reid Andrews