Erin Pringle


Erin Pringle grew up in Casey, Illinois. She is the author of two story collections, The Floating Order (Two Ravens Press, 2009) and The Whole World at Once (Vandalia Press/West Virginia University Press, 2017), as well as several chapbooks and a hundred or more stories. Along the way, she has received financial support from the Rose fellowship at Texas State University, and an Artist Trust Fellowship from the Washington State arts organization of the same name. In addition to writing, Erin loves to run, swim, and read. She teaches children's tennis and preschool art and co-hosts an interview program on KYRS Thin Air Community Radio. She lives in Spokane, Washington with her partner, Heather, and son, Henry Valentine.


The Whole World at Once: Stories

Erin Pringle


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Erin Pringle