Eric Vedder


Eric began his career in art drawing pictures, which were very well received by his grade school friends. This eventually led to art school, where he learned how to sharpen pencils with his teeth. Finishing up his schooling, Eric then worked in the animation, videogame, and comic book industries. He now practices the way of the samurai and works furiously on his never ending story, Aardehn.


Darkstalkers: The Ultimate Edition

Ken Siu-Chong


Mad Mod Is in Vogue!

Adam Beechen and Eric Vedder


Street Fighter IV Volume 1: Wages of Sin

Ken Siu-Chong and Jim Zubkavich


Darkstalkers: Rise of the Night Warriors

Ken Siu-Chong


Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers: Underworld Warriors

Ken Siu-Chong and Matt Moylan


The New Challengers

Ken Siu-Chong


Sentinel: Awakening

Sean McKeever