Eric Smith


ERIC SMITH is an author and literary agent from Elizabeth, New Jersey. When he isn't working on other people's books, sometimes he tries to write his own. He enjoys pop punk, video games, and crying during every movie. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and best friend, Nena, and their son, Langston. WWW.ERICSMITHROCKS.COM


Symmetry and Collective Fluctuations in Evolutionary Games

Eric Smith and Supriya Krishnamurthy


The Saga of Skalheim

Eric Smith


Rifle-Green by Nature Rifle-Green by Nature Rifle-Green by...

Eric Smith, K Harrison, et al.


The Geek's Guide to Dating

Eric Smith


The Girl and the Grove

Eric Smith


Corporate Housing by Owner Handbook

Eric Smith


A Visual Basic 6 Programmer's Toolkit [With CDROM]

Eric Smith and Hank Marquis



Sam McBratney and Eric Smith


Bugs Workbook

Eric Smith and Sam McBratney


The Bear in Sheep's Clothing

Eric Smith


Don't Read the Comments Lib/E

Eric Smith


Don't Read the Comments

Eric Smith


Engineer Academy: Marble Run

Rob Colson and Eric Smith


Don't Read the Comments

Eric Smith


You Can Go Your Own Way

Eric Smith


Battle of the Bands