Ellen Jackson


ELLEN JACKSON was born and raised in southern California. As a teenager, she always wished her feet were small and delicate, and tried to cram them into shoes that were several sizes too small. Later, when she read the story of Cinderella to her kindergarten classes, she wondered how anyone could run in glass slippers, much less dance in them.

Now the author of several books for children, Ellen lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she has gladly forgotten the recipes for dozens of ways to make tuna casserole.


Turn of the Century: Eleven Centuries of Children and Change

Ellen Jackson and Jan Davey Ellis


Octopuses One to Ten

Ellen Jackson and Robin Page


Cinder Edna

Ellen Jackson and Kevin O'Malley


Beastly Babies

Ellen Jackson and Brendan Wenzel


Abe Lincoln Loved Animals

Ellen Jackson and Doris Ettlinger


Tooling Around: Crafty Creatures and the Tools They Use

Ellen Jackson and RennΓ© Benoit