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Edwidge Danticat is the author of several books, including Breath, Eyes, Memory, an Oprah's Book Club selection; Krik? Krak!, a National Book Award finalist; The Farming of Bones, an American Book Award winner; and the novel-in-stories, The Dew Breaker. She is the editor of The Butterfly's Way: Voices from the Haitian Diaspora in the United States and The Beacon Best of 2000: Great Writing by Men and Women of All Colors and Cultures, Haiti Noir and Haiti Noir 2, and Best American Essays 2011. She has written several books for young adults and children--Anacaona, Behind the Mountains, Eight Days, The Last Mapou, Mama's Nightingale, and Untwine--as well as a travel narrative, After the Dance, A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel. Her memoir, Brother, I'm Dying, was a 2007 finalist for the National Book Award and a 2008 winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for autobiography. She is a 2009 MacArthur Fellow.


Fault Lines

Beverly Bell


The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story

Edwidge Danticat


The Kingdom of This World

Alejo Carpentier


Go Tell It on the Mountain

James Baldwin


A Community of Equals

Owen Fiss


Hadriana in All My Dreams

René Depestre


Plough Quarterly No. 20 - The Welcome Table

Claudio Oliver, Sarah Ruden, et al.


Massacre River: Novel

René Philoctète


The African Lookbook: A Visual History of 100 Years of...

Catherine E. McKinley


Everything Inside: Stories

Edwidge Danticat


Everything Inside

Edwidge Danticat


Behind the Mountains

Edwidge Danticat


Haiti After the Earthquake Lib/E

Paul Farmer


The Farming of Bones Lib/E

Edwidge Danticat


The Farming of Bones

Edwidge Danticat


Plough Quarterly No. 30 - Made Perfect: Ability and Disability

Molly McCully Brown, Christian Wiman, et al.