Books by Dugald Steer


Dugald A. Steer is the editor of Dr. Ernest Drake's most famous work, Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons. He continues to research Dr. Drake and his life both in London and in St. Leonard's Forest, in Sussex. Dugald Steer has also been involved in the discovery and editing of numerous other books with ology in the title. Dugald Steer lives and writes in Surrey, England, under a variety of assumed names.


The Dragon's Apprentice

Dugald Steer


The Dragon Prophecy

Dugald Steer


Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons

Ernest Drake and Various


Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin

Master Merlin


Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion

William Lubber


The Mythology Handbook: A Course in Ancient Greek Myths

Hestia Evans and Various


The Dragon's Eye

Dugald Steer