Books by Dougal Dixon


Dougal Dixon has written more than 120 books, including many on dinosaurs, fossils, and Earth science subjects. Since 1980, Dougal has been a full-time freelance writer and editor. He enjoys researching out in the field. In 2004, he spent time in Montana excavating a Stegosaurus skeleton. His books have won the Times Educational Supplement, Primary School Book Award for Science in 1996, the Helen Roney Sattler Award from the Dinosaur Society in 1993, and the Educational Press Association of America Distinguished Achievement Award in 1993. Dougal lives in Wareham in Dorset, England, with his wife Jean. He has two children, Gavin and Lindsay.


Tyrannosaurus and Other Dinosaurs of North America

Dougal Dixon, Steve Weston, et al.


Iguanodon and Other Leaf-Eating Dinosaurs

Dougal Dixon and James Field


Masiakasaurus and Other Fish-Eating Dinosaurs

Dougal Dixon and James Field


Dinosaur Find

Dougal Dixon


Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

Dougal Dixon


When the Whales Walked: And Other Incredible Evolutionary...

Dougal Dixon and Hannah Bailey