Dirk Vogel


Dirk Vogel is a journalist, book author and translator for a variety of international clients. Vogel is passionate about skateboarding and has been an active part of skateboard culture since 1988. His work for international skateboarding magazines included editor positions at Limited and Kingpin magazines. He is currently the skateboard editor at Boardsport SOURCE magazine and writes for Sneakers and SPECTR magazine.

Dirk also specializes in cultural adaptation/localization of content for English-speaking and German audiences. Career highlights so far include working as a German localization editor on video games, card games and animated cartoons at The Pokémon Company International in Bellevue, WA.

In January 2009, Vogel's first book, the original Made For Skate: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear, was released by Gingko Press.


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Jurgen Blumlein and Dirk Vogel


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