Books by Diane Kistner


One Dance

George Bishop


Camille Abroad

Jennifer Lagier


Small Fires

Jose Angel Araguz


On the Porch, Under the Eave

Jane Simpson


Chairs in the River

Laura Bayless


Night Fable

Seth Jani



Rachel Dacus



Grey Held


Missile Hymnal Amulet

G. F. Boyer


A Confluence of Voices Revisited

John Laue



Jeanine Stevens


The Unbeckonable Bird

Pamela Murray Winters


Before Whose Glory

Lawrence Kessenich



Leon Weinmann


God's Bicycle

Joel Peckham


Swimming This

Christine Swint


Monkey Screams

Robert Joe Stout


The Dementia of Language

Sara Toruno-Conley


Dancing with Dali

Maureen Sherbondy


Where She Dances

Michael Jennings


Fort Lonesome

Timothy Krcmarik



Tasha Cotter


Dennis Finnell: Selected Poems

Dennis Finnell


A Two Minute Forty Second Night

Steven Ray Smith


Tall Grass with Violence

Rachel Marie Patterson