David Petersen


David Petersen and his wife live on a mountain near Durango, Colorado. Prior to leaving behind a conventional life, Petersen was a pilot in the U.S. Marines, the managing editor of a national motorcycle magazine, a two-time college graduate, a mailman, a beach bum, and the western editor of Mother Earth News. He is the author of On the Wild Edge.


Going Trad: Out There, with Elkheart

David Petersen


Art of Bricks

David Petersen and Seattle's Archlug


On the Wild Edge: In Search of a Natural Life

David Petersen


Lao Tsu's Tao Te Ching with 81 Mandalas in Full Color

Lao Tsu and David Petersen


Manners of Mind: A Fresh Stroll Through the Davmandy Collection

David Petersen and Mandy Conti


Mouse Guard Alphabet Book

David Petersen and Serena Malyon


Mouse Guard Volume 1: Fall 1152

David Petersen


Mouse Guard Volume 3: The Black Axe

David Petersen and David Petersen