David H. Maister


David H. Maister is widely acknowledged as the world's leading authority on the management of professional service firms. Beginning four decades ago, David has advised firms in a broad spectrum of professions, covering all strategic and managerial issues, spanning the globe. A native of Great Britain, David holds degrees from the University of Birmingham, the London School of Economics, and the Harvard Business School, where he was a professor for seven years. He is the author of the best-selling books Managing the Professional Service Firm and True Professionalism. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


The Trusted Advisor (CD)

Charles H Green, David H. Maister, et al.


Managing the Professional Service Firm (Revised)

David H. Maister


First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals

Patrick J McKenna and David H. Maister


The Trusted Advisor: 20th Anniversary Edition

David H. Maister, Charles Green, et al.


The Trusted Advisor

David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, et al.