Danielle Smith-Llera


Danielle Smith-Llera's former life as a teacher led her to write books for young people. She has taught literature, writing, history, and visual arts to students ranging from elementary school to college. Danielle studied English and Visual Arts at Harvard University and exhibits her artwork internationally. As the spouse of a diplomat, she and her family have lived in Washington D.C., New Delhi, India and Kingston, Jamaica.


The Greatest U.S. Presidents

Emma Carlson-Berne, Don Nardo, et al.


Captured World History

Michael Burgan and Danielle Smith-Llera


Captured History Sports

Michael Burgan and Danielle Smith-Llera


Captured Science History

Don Nardo, Danielle Smith-Llera, et al.


Captured Television History 4D

Rebecca Rissman, Emma Carlson Berne, et al.



Danielle Smith-Llera, Eric Mark Braun, et al.


Hate Crime in America: From Prejudice to Violence

Danielle Smith-Llera


Captured Science History

Michael Burgan and Danielle Smith-Llera


Immigration in America: Asylum, Borders, and Conflicts

Danielle Smith-Llera


Adventures on the American Frontier

Danielle Smith-Llera, Elizabeth Raum, et al.


American Indian Life

Danielle Smith-Llera and Donna Janell Bowman


Who Lived Here?

Danielle Smith-Llera, Cynthia Louise Jenson-Elliott, et al.


Exploring the Legislative Branch

Danielle Smith-Llera


Captured History

Danielle Smith-Llera and Dan Elish



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