Dan Westfall


I wanted to write this book with my own hat trick of interests in mind: part obscure European destinations, part history and part photography. After about 60 trips over the past 29 years, the following 43 photographs are some of my favorites. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I had the pleasure to take and write about them. Overall, when shooting I think of it as a collaboration. The subject is already there, but it's my job to get the right light and composition for the best results. Bringing together the work of man and nature and recognizing the distinctiveness of each individual subject, I find black and white photography is the best way to express time, especially in winter. The subdued light that time of year with the unusual subject matter can embody a mood that can be comfortably melancholic. Also, nature's stark contrasts of bare, foliage-free trees and good timing for the perfect amount of rain, snow or fog, all coalesce into what I always hope is the optimal photograph.