Cottage Door Press


Cottage Door Press is an independent publisher of high-quality children's books. We believe that every child deserves an excellent first book experience--beginning on the day they're born.

Reading is learning is our driving philosophy, and we strive to help parents understand why reading aloud from birth is so important. We offer a simple development-based guide to help them on their journey.


Busy Noisy Farm

Julia Lobo and Olga Demidova


Babies Love Halloween

Rosa Vonfeder and Stacy Peterson


Brave Little Camper Saves Christmas

Holly Berry Byrd and Jen Taylor


Happy Halloween

Rosa Vonfeder and Pamela Barbieri


Winter in the Forest

Rusty Finch and Katya Longhi


A Little Owl

Rosalee Wren and Jennifer Meyer


What Is a Narwhal?

Ginger Swift and Melanie Mikecz


A Beast C: From Alien to Zombie

Katie Turner and George Ermos


Teeny-Tiny Mermaid

Brick Puffinton and Joanie Stone



Jaye Garnett and Nana Qi


When I Grow Up

Jack Redwing and Takako Fisher



Rose Colombe and Charlotte Pepper


The Wheels on the Bus

Scarlett Wing and Canticos Style Guide



Jaye Garnett and Taia Morley


Come Out & Play Songs