Cornelia Jude


Cornelia Jude attends Upward Church, a nondenominational Christian Church in Williamsburg, Virginia with five campuses across the East Coast. Despite enduring years of sexual, physical, and mental abuse, which led to a 1999 PTSD diagnosis, Cornelia fights every day to live her life as a survivor and not a victim. After embracing the Christian faith in 2016, she has come to terms with the pain of her past and looks forward to the plans that God has for her future. Since then, she has been sharing how she turned her most painful memories into something positive through the strength of Christ with others on her active Facebook group, "I am a Survivor, Not a Victim!" and through the blog on her Mended Faith website.


Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain and Redemption

Chris Jones and Cornelia Jude