Chris Ying


MAD is a nonprofit organization that brings together a global cooking community with a social conscience, a sense of curiosity, and an appetite for change. Chef Rene Redzepi began MAD as a two-day symposium in 2011, and now every summer 300 chefs, restaurateurs, waiters, and writers gather in a red circus tent in Copenhagen to discuss the future of food. Today MAD connects a global cooking community encompassing chefs and entrepreneurs, farmers and scholars, students and the general public.


The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

Chris Ying and Danny Bowien


You and I Eat the Same: On the Countless Ways Food and...

Chris Ying, Mad, et al.


The Gaijin Cookbook: Japanese Recipes from a Chef, Father,...

Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying


Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most...

Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying