Chris Jones


Chris Jones is a Canadian based children's illustrator. He enjoys telling stories visually, and his colorful style focuses on humor and expressiveness. Chris, graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), has worked as both a graphic designer and an illustrator. His illustrations appear in several magazines and educational publications, and he also has numerous creator owned graphic novels and children's books to his credit. Chris is a member and volunteer with the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Chris is inspired by good music, good books, long walks, and generous amounts of coffee.


Climbing Fitz Roy, 1968: Reflections on the Lost Photos of...

Doug Tompkins, Chris Jones, et al.


Cameron Jack and the Three Kings

Chris Jones


A Tour of Your Digestive System

Molly Kolpin and Chris Jones


A Tour of Your Respiratory System

Mary Reina and Chris Jones


Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain and Redemption

Cornelia Jude and Chris Jones


Jim Nasium Is a Hockey Hazard

Marty McKnight and Chris Jones


Jim Nasium Is a Basket Case

Marty McKnight and Chris Jones


Jim Nasium Is a Strikeout King

Marty McKnight and Chris Jones


Sandbars, Sandlots, and City Streets: Growing Up in the Old...

Chris Jones and Katherine Jones


It Gets Foggy at Mossy Creek

Chris Jones


France: A Journey for Food Lovers

Sarah Randell and Maria Villegas


The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook: The Ultimate Guide to...

Andrew Zinnes, Chris Jones, et al.


Flying on a Dream

Chris Jones