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CHARLES BRUCKERHOFF started life in Augusta, Missouri, in 1947, on a small farm near The Big Muddy. He spent many days exploring the hills, valleys, fields and streams of the Ozark Mountain foothills. At 19, he joined the United States Army and served in Vietnam. Returning to the USA in 1969, he went to college, studying English, literature, philosophy and research methods. In 1995, he created a firm, Curriculum Research and Evaluation, Inc. (, focused on the social and cultural life of children living in poverty. He believes the best way to gain personal knowledge, social skills, moral behavior, spirituality, and healing for children and adults is through the real world, out the back door with friends. Currently, Charles works as the author and publisher of Adelyn's Adventure Series for Sequoia House Books. He also devotes time to shepherding the firm, now run by his lovely wife, Theresa, and to family life with four sons, five grandchildren, friends, and neighbors. His hobbies include community service, artisan bread baking, gardening, traditional quilting, and studying American history, ancient civilizations of the world, the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. He places no limit on new adventures.


Adelyn's Adventure in the Forest

Charles E. Bruckerhoff


Adelyn's Adventure in the Garden

Charles E. Bruckerhoff


Adelyn's Adventure on the Beach

Charles E. Bruckerhoff