Carolyn Costin


Carolyn Costin, Marriage and Family Therapist, has been treating eating disorders since l977. Her extensive experience in the field and her own personal recovery from anorexia nervosa enhance her understanding of these complex disorders. Carolyn is the founder and director of the Eating Disorder Center of California, and two residential treatment centers for eating disorders, Monte Nido in Malibu, California and Rain Rock in Eugene, Oregon. In addition to her other responsibilities, Carolyn is well known as a passionate presenter on eating disorders, appearing as a keynote speaker at national conferences and sought after by the media as an expert on these illnesses. Her other books, The Eating Disorder Source Book and Your Dieting Daughter, have helped professionals and the lay public in the understanding, treatment, and prevention of eating and body image problems. To contact Carolyn, email her at [email protected] or visit her main website at