Buck Mulligan


After suffering sudden heartbreak, Buck Mulligan, like most people, wanted to get away from it all. But he didn't simply visit a few bucket list destinations, he took trips. Over sixteen months, Buck visited six places-the ruins of colonial Colombia, free-for-all Amsterdam, mystical Stonehenge, Munich's Oktoberfest, dirty hippie San Francisco, and sexy Ibiza-to try recreational drugs. Despite lifelong abstinence from alcohol and other substances, unusual for an Irishman, Buck did cocaine, cannabis, magic mushrooms, alcohol, LSD, and ecstasy. He shares these episodes and what he learned from them in his first book, Adventures on Drugs: A Sober Irishman, Six Countries, Six Drugs, and his spinoff podcast by the same name. Join Buck on his next adventure at www.BuckMulligan.com.