Books by Brigitte Love Tritt


Brigitte Love Tritt is a Mindfulness Teacher, Mindset Mentor, Self-Love Success Coach, and Speaker. After healing herself purely through self-belief, faith, and empowering thoughts during a major stroke in 2014, she found her life purpose. Brigitte helps people find an easy and practical way to move through life and consciously create success and personal alignment in the real world. Brigitte has helped her clients release limiting beliefs, traumas, grief, and hidden anxieties to ground themselves in an endless feeling of balance, bliss, and empowerment, leaving them free to bask in the light of their success. Her clients establish healthier routines and a holistic life, and, through more self-awareness, self-love, and confidence, are able to find their higher purpose. Her clients feel unstoppable, take action, and create a life filled with fun and adventure. Brigitte lives in British Columbia, Canada, where she loves travel, music, and great conversations.