Brian Jay Nelson


Brian was born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania, and has been involved in some capacity of writing since a very young age. After graduating from Penn State University, he lived several years in North Carolina and then Florida, where he presently resides. His accomplishments cover a wide spectrum from writing Psychology Textbooks, several essays on Metaphysics, articles on health and fitness, songwriting, and screenplays. He is also the author of The Balanced Journey, a common sense guide to living from a Spiritual and Metaphysical point of view. (Amazon Publishing, 2012). In 2017, he retired from FedEx after 21 years of service, and began a new career as a script doctor for the movie industry. He is also very active in Historic Preservation, causes that support our Military Veterans, a fan of Classic Rock Music, and is an avid fitness enthusiast.


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Brian Jay Nelson


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Brian Jay Nelson